Windshield Glass Replacement, Rock Chip Replacement in Albany

windshield repair Albany

Automotive glass, rock chip and windshield replacement in Albany with Stavros Auto Services. The Glass Repair division of Stavros Auto Services is located at: 357 11th Ave. SE , Albany, OR. Established since 1977 Stavros Auto Services is a well known name in Albany. Dan Hobson, manager of Stavros Auto Services – Glass Repair, will help you with your glass claim. He is skilled in working with all insurance companies. His staff is specialized in:

  • Windshields in cars, pickups, trucks and RV’s
  • Chip repair for all windshields
  • Side glass replacement in all vehicles
  • Back glass replacement for all vehicles

Windshield Replacement Albany Frequently Asked Questions

Are you able to repair or replace my windshield at my house or workplace?

  • We are always willing to make our service more accommodating for you, our customer. We can bring our glass services to you if a chip repair is what is needed.
  • Windshield replacements require a controlled environment to ensure safety and quality as a major structural component of your vehicle.  For this reason we need to do windshield replacements in our facility.

Will I be able to wait while my windshield is being replaced?

  • Yes, you are always welcome to wait in our customer waiting room.
  • It takes 3-6 hours for the replaced windshield to set, so if it is more convienient for you to leave your vehicle with us, that works, too.
  • We can even help you with a ride somewhere, just ask!

Am I able to wait if you are doing a chip repair?

  • Yes.  A chip repair takes only 30 minutes and you are welcome to wait in our customer waiting room during that repair.
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