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AAA Approved Repair FacilityMany people have heard the term “AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility” before, but few people know what it takes to become one.

For an auto repair shop to become approved by AAA (the American Automobile Association), it is investigated thoroughly by AAA. AAA has millions of members—they would never risk their worldwide reputation by sending one of their members to a second-rate mechanic. That’s why their investigations look into so many aspects of a facility so closely. To approve a repair facility that was shady, lazy, inexperienced, or unprofessional would be catastrophic for the AAA brand image.

An auto repair facility seeking approval must first undergo a series of rigorous inspections. The first investigation is the longest, and the inspector(s) take note of everything that makes the shop what it is. From the floor to the ceiling, everything in the shop is inspected, along with the mechanics and owners themselves. This first investigation aims to identify whether the shop meets AAA’s extremely strict standards for quality. Equipment must be top-notch and well-maintained, facilities must be orderly and safe, and technicians must possess extensive knowledge.

AAA also looks into other matters during their investigation, including:

  • Whether the shop possesses the necessary equipment to be able to perform a full range of services for potential customers
  • Whether the shop’s technicians possess all of the necessary certifications for their respective positions
  • Whether the shop has continually received high customer satisfaction ratings
  • Whether the shop is able to provide its customers guaranteed written estimates, return of replaced parts on advanced request, minimum 12-month/12,000 mile parts and labor warranties, free maintenance inspections for AAA members with any paid service, and repair dispute assistance for AAA members

Only if all of these conditions are met will an auto repair shop become a AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility.

After passing this initial investigation, AAA requires periodic inspections, assuring that the shop maintains all of these standards of quality service. These periodic inspections allow AAA to continually provide excellent recommendations to its members.

As you can see, it’s not an easy process to become AAA approved. There are many things that a repair shop must do and be before joining the AAA ranks. Stavros believes that all of these standards of service are not just checkmarks on a list, but a mission for our business. We’re a family-owned and -operated local business, so you know you’re getting the best of the best service.

If you need a AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility in the Albany area, feel free to come on down or contact us today.

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